Jan 31, 2022

Plans to sell poisonous coconut oil to consumers!

It has been revealed that a group of crooked businessmen are preparing to release coconut oil mixed with palm oil to the market to meet the demand that will arise during the coming festive season.

Ranjith Vithanage, President of the National Movement for the Protection of Consumer Rights, said that there is a shortage of coconuts due to it being the off season and as a result there is a shortage of coconuts to produce oil during the next few months to meet the festive season demand.

He said this addressing a media briefing recently. Therefore, he made an appeal to the government to take steps to stop these businessmen.

He further said, “Following reports of palm oil importers mixing palm oil with coconut oil and giving poisonous coconut oil to the public, the President recently imposed a higher tax on the import of palm oil and a lower tax on quality coconut oil. This deterred these errant businessmen from missing coconut oil with palm oil as it was not profitable.”

However, now they are trying to hoodwink the government claiming that there is a possibility of coconut oil demand increasing and attempting to have the tax on palm oil reduced. As such they are trying to make the government feel that in order to keep the coconut oil prices stable they need to reduce the taxes further.