Feb 03, 2022

"Don’t fall prey to Micro Car scams!" (Video) Featured

Mohamed Ijaz, who had complained to the Consumer Affairs Authority about not receiving the car he had ordered for over six months despite having paid an advance of Rs. 1.5 million.

He had bought the car for his wife Shashika Dhaniya Gomez.

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) had summoned the two parties yesterday (02) to investigate the complaint and Jacobs representing the Micro Car Company, had stated that his company was unable to provide the car as about 80 of his company's cars in the Polgahawela yard had been destroyed by the floods.

However, he has also admitted that they had received insurance compensation for them.

It was revealed that despite Micro Car having receiving the insurance claim for the destroyed vehicles, they had not taken steps to return the advance obtained from the customer.

During the interrogation of Jacobs by the Consumer Affairs Authority, it was revealed that Micro does not pay taxes on the importation of auto parts into the country for assembling vehicles.

It has also been revealed that the company pays taxes on the vehicles after assembling them and selling the car to a customer.

Meanwhile, Jacobs said that this is being implemented as an investment promotion project.

The aggrieved customer asked the Micro Car Company representative if he could show him the parts of the wrecked car if the car reserved for him had been destroyed in the flood but he had avoided that request.

Eventually, the Micro car company's representative promised the investigating officers that they would discuss the issue with the Micro board of directors and get back to them within two weeks regarding what relief would be available to the aggrieved party by not receiving the contracted vehicle.