Feb 17, 2022

SLTB in a fix as tyre prices increase! Featured

Tyre suppliers have informed that they are unable to provide tyres to the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB), unless the price paid for a rebuild tyre is increased by 25%.

They are calling for a price hike noting that the Sri Lankan Rupee has depreciated to Rs. 203 against the dollar and the production cost of a rebuild tyre has gone upto Rs. 9,000.

In a cabinet paper, Transport minister - Pavithra Wanniarachchi has informed the Cabinet that the dearth of tyres and the SLTB's lack of financial capability to procure tyres could hamper daily bus services.

A technical evaluation committee appointed by the state ministries on January 18 to seek recommendations on the price hikes had also confirmed that the request was fair, minister Wanniarachchi had further informed the Cabinet.

The Minister also stated that the SLTB requires a total of 14,600 tyres including 1,800 new tyres and 2,016 rebuild tyres to continue daily operations.

The Minister sought Cabinet approval to further obtain services from suppliers of rebuilding and prestressing services from existing suppliers until the new procurement process is complete.

The minister has further said it was appropriate to assent to the price hike requested by the suppliers.