Apr 17, 2017

A one stop shop from Fine Furniture

Fine Furniture, the brainchild of Martin Klement, a former structural engineer and his partner Niluka Klement, in a brief period of three and a half years have successfully established a new benchmark for luxury living in Sri Lanka and raised the bar vis a vis customer expectations and service.

“ At Fine Furniture we promote the concept of investing in long-lasting, quality products with outstanding design, function and performance for a new way of living”, said Klement.

Klement who has embarked on an extensive refurbishment of his existing store which once completed will occupy three floors, spread across 15000 square feet;  promises his clientele a one stop shop that caters to the changing lifestyles and demands of today’s sophisticated consumer, providing an experience hitherto not encountered in Sri Lanka.

According to Klement the renovations which are currently ongoing have entailed a considerable investment which he says further underlies his commitment to Sri Lanka and his desire to bring the very best of European lifestyle products to the country . The renovated and expanded Fine Furniture store which will be ready by June this year will have increased space for showcasing their ever increasing product range, whilst providing greater convenience to shoppers, and promises an unforgettable one stop experience!

Having set up Fine Furniture in August 2013, today, Fine Furniture occupies a niche in the local market,  providing specialty solutions with cutting edge European designs for interior spaces.

“When we started Fine Furniture a few years ago, it was answering an obvious need for great kitchens, luxury interior products and furniture that represent the lifestyle of the upwardly mobile, modern Sri Lankan and Sri Lanka responded to us exceptionally! Furthermore with the real estate boom which has resulted in several international developers such as Clearpoint Residencies , Destiny , and  Shangrila etc, flocking to Sri Lanka, not forgetting local entrepreneurs Blue Mountain and Achilleion, the need for furniture and fittings of an international standard have increased exponentially; hence our decision to expand and upgrade”, said Klement.

Making a house a home requires  choosing the right furniture to suit your style, individual needs and space . “At Fine Furniture whether your style is down to earth, creative, purist or romantic, the possibilities for creating an individual style are endless. Our exclusive partnerships with some of  the most luxurious European home brands such as Koinor, Pacific Green, Flexa , Loddenkemper, Alpa Salotti, Häcker Kitchens German Made, Bosch,  Miele, Brandt, Bovictus Metaltex, Eurographic and Masterlight  have made us the obvious choice for total home solutions” said Klement.

A new addition to Fine Furniture’s portfolio will be a wide selection of the most appealing children’s furniture which will delight not just the child concerned but parents as well . Flexa,  the Danish manufacturer of Children’s Furniture, has been in the forefront of furniture design for kids for more than 40 years. They design safe environments for a child’s development, which   stimulate a child’s natural curiosity and creativity. This permeates everything they do  from product development to production and their inclusion amongst Fine Furniture’s portfolio of brands will be a welcome addition.

 Speaking of his decision to enter this segment , Klement said that unlike in the past, today’s children are demanding and exacting . “ We ourselves have found that our children are becoming increasingly selective when it comes to matters concerning them, be it their toys, their surroundings, and their lifestyle and we felt it was high time that Fine Furniture catered to this very important segment as well. After all they will be our future customers one day ”!

Today, Fine Furniture occupies a niche in the local market for superior and luxury furniture and fittings and have established a whole new paradigm for luxury living spaces in Sri Lanka.