Apr 04, 2022

Eggs could reach Rs. 50 during festive season!

The price of eggs is expected to increase to Rs. 50 during the festive season, according to information from the marketplace.

Ajith Gunasekera, President of the All-Ceylon Poultry Producers Association says that egg production in the country has dropped by about 40%.

Gunasekera said that the shortage of poultry feed and adverse weather conditions have adversely affected the poultry business.

He said small-scale poultry farms have already closed and chickens are being sold for meat.

One of the main reasons for the reduction in egg production is due to the small-scale poultry farms going out of business due to the high operations cost and reduction in profits.

Currently, the price of an egg is around Rs. 30-33. According to Gunasekera, the middlemen buy the eggs from farms and sells it in the market for between Rs. 38-40.

Therefore, with the increasing demand for eggs during the festive season, egg prices are expected to increase exponentially.