May 04, 2022

BoC ATM's out of order (Update)

A senior official from the state owned Bank of Ceylon has clarified that only 03 of their ATMs were out of order last Tuesday (May 03).

The official was responding to the recent article on 'Sri Lanka Mirror' stating that a large number of people were unable to withdraw money from BoC ATMs on Tuesday evening.


(Previous update : 09.41a.m. May 04, 2022)

Many Bank of Ceylon ATM machines in several areas were not working yesterday (03) evening and the public were unable to obtain money through these ATMs.

Customers also told Sri Lanka Mirror that they were unable to deposit money at Bank of Ceylon's deposit machines this morning (04).

However, when 'Sri Lanka Mirror' contacted the bank authorities, they claimed that due to the holidays which came one after the other, the bank was unable to deposit money in these machines and engage in maintenance operations.

The bank’s spokesperson said that the talk going around that the BoC is bankrupt is absolutely baseless and false.