May 21, 2022

App for Fuel, gas information!

A group of alumni of the University of Moratuwa have created a mobile app called Garage Lanka with the aim of providing relief to those waiting in fuel and gas queues to obtain their supplies.

After all fuel and gas stations registering with this App, all the information regarding the fuel and gas stocks available at the filling station could be included, said an inventor of this App Indunil Pathirana, an alumnus of the Moratuwa University.

He said that consumers with this App installed on their mobile phones would be able to know whether there is fuel or gas at the relevant filling stations and would not have to waste their time standing in queues.

Accordingly, Pathirana said that this would minimize the time wasted both for traders and consumers, adding that discussions are being held with the authorities and the fuel distribution associations in order to further enhance the efficiency of this App.