May 24, 2022

Thriposha factory closes down of ingredient shortage Featured

The state owned Thriposha factory which manufactures this free nutrional supplement provided to children, has been closed down due to the unavailability of maize and soyabeans.

Companies that make products similar to Thriposha are also said to have reduced production due to the shortage of raw material.

The companies also say that many small businesses that use corn and soybeans to make supplements have been shut down.

If maize is grown by October production can commence

There is a shortage of maize in the country at present and if farmers cultivate maize by next October, it will be possibe to produce Thriposha from this harvest, said Mahesh Thawalampola, CEO of Thriposha Lanka Food Products.

He further said that the annual consumption of maize in the country is around three and a half metric tons and the government should take steps to provide a subsidy to the maize cultivators as well.