Jun 03, 2022

Flawed computer system revealed by COPE is by E-WIS! Featured

The flawed and unupdated computer system established for the management of medical supplies which was revealed at the recent COPE meeting, had been provided by E.W. Information Systems (E-WIS) Limited, sources say.

At the COPE meeting, it was revealed that Rs. 645 million had been given to set up the system and Rs. 5 million a month for its maintenance, but the system was not functioning properly.

Due to this, work has already commenced to prepare a new computer system at a lower cost and about 80% of the work has already been completed, the COPE was further informed.

Tech flaws at Mahindodaya labs
Meanwhile, E-WIS was also awarded the contract of building Mahindodaya Technical Laboratories around the country, according to a concept of former President - Mahinda Rajapaksa.

However, over 15 of such labs across the country have been destroyed by fire in recent years due to technical glitches.

Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers' Union - Joseph Stalin said that the substandard wiring and the use of substandard equipment had caused the fires and that there was no fire extinguisher at the laboratories to put out the fire.

Media reports back then had also alleged that irregularities had taken place in the Tender process when obtaining equipment for these laboratories.

It was alleged that the original Tender was cancelled and the second Tender was awarded to the E-WIS Chairman - Sanjeewa Wickremanayake, who is a close associate of Namal Rajapaksa.

Under the Tender, he was able to provide computers and technical equipment worth Rs. 708 million to 100 schools.

The same contract was awarded on three counts to E-WIS sans a Tender process. During the final instance, he had provided computers and technical equipment to 400 schools.

Accordingly, tech equipment worth Rs. 4,956 million had been provided by the company to the Education ministry.

A case from 'good governance govt.' days
This Tender scam was one of the biggest scams that was taken up after the Good Governance government swept into power in 2015. However, the case was eventually swept under the rug with a key figure involved still holding a prominent position at the Education ministry.

E-WIS to explain
Meanwhile, the E-WIS company says they will hold a press briefing today (03) to clarify the medical supply project. This has spurred a bunch of reactions from social media users.