Jun 04, 2022

E-WIS claims innocence; State Ministry says otherwise Featured

EW Information Systems (E-WIS) refuted the COPE committee's claims that  they had charged Rs. 645 Mn for a flawed medical supply management system.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday (03), Sanjeewa Wickramanayake "Tenders were called and we were chosen from among 5 who applied. The Auditor General has apparently said it was 500 Mn. The software did not cost that much. The scope was decided by the health ministry.  There are various costs to this, the COPE has spoken without knowing the full-story."  

"We have the copies of cheques we received. They say we were paid 5 Mn for maintenance per year. We didn't receive anything like that. We received 4.8 Mn and we are contracted for 2 more years at 2008's prices."

"They say the system is not working. 68 hospitals were entered in 2018, and 62 in 2019. Our tender to revamp the software was rejected. We know who is now being awarded, after violating all procedures. We will inform the COPE chairman of everything". 

Despite the E-WIS claim of innocence, a former official at the State Ministry of Pharmaceutical Production, Supply and Regulation said that Rs. 4.9 Mn is being paid as maintenance fees to E-WIS per month. Further, he added that Rs. 644 Mn has been paid to the company so far, of which Rs. 385 Mn was paid directly.   

"The system is currently implemented in 237 hospitals even though we have 1159 in our total hospital network. That is because each license is around Rs. 300,000. Some hospitals would need more than one license," said former secretary to the state ministry, S.K. Ratnayake. 

He added that even though the license is renewed, the software is not updated to meet new requirements.