Jun 17, 2022

This is how the major rice millers exploit people!

President of the United Rice Producers’ Association - Mudith Perera says that the three biggest rice millers in the country are gaining a staggering profit of Rs. 100 million a day.

This is due to them selling rice at exorbitant prices despite obtaining paddy stocks from previous seasons at a much lower price.

The stocks released to the market these days are from the previous 'Yala' season where they had bought paddy for 60 rupees per kilo.

During the previous 'Maha' season, they had bought paddy for 110 rupees per kilo.

Even if they sold rice under the MRP imposed by the Consumer Affairs Authority, the three biggest rice millers in the country would gain a Rs. 50 profit per kilo.

Therefore, although it is more than possible for them to provide rice under the MRP, they are unfairly making large profits while the public, who are unable to afford such prices, are suffering.

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