Jun 18, 2022

Dudley declares how rice will be sold from tomorrow (Video) 

Araliya Group chairman Dudley Sirisena says that he will take the initiative to raise a voice on behalf of the suffering masses and keep the prices of rice at a stable level. 

Accordingly, from tomorrow (19) the price of nadu will be Rs. 220 a kilo, samba Rs. 230 a kilo, keeri samba Rs. 260 a kilo, in keeping with the Government controlled prices. 

He was speaking at press conference held today (18).

"This is a difficult time for everyone. Due to the foolish and short-sighted actions of the Government and its officials, the agriculture industry has fallen. However, thinking of the public's plight, I have decided to sell at the Government controlled price. If I'm doing it, there's no reason why everyone else can't do it too.

He appealed to the rice mill owners and entrepreneurs to follow his lead and do the same, for the sake of the people.