Jun 20, 2022

Fintrex Finance seizes lorry ; owner killed

Police have arrested two persons including the manager of the Fintrex Finance Kandy branch, over the seizing of a vehicle which had resulted in the owner's death.

The seizers had forcefully taken away a lorry from the Wattegama area after the owner had failed to keep up with the leasing payments.

The owner is a 35 year old man in the Meegammana area of Wattegama, who owned a block stone production workshop.

According to reports, several ribs of the victim had been broken and he had sustained severe injuries after being hit at the back of his head.

His friends also say that the victim was violently dragged out from the lorry to the ground where he had been run over by another vehicle.

The vehicle owner had been threatened for days ahead to surrender his vehicle.

Five persons have been identified with regard to the incident and it is said that they have links to many other crimes as well.

Wattegama police are conducting further investigations.