Jul 07, 2022

Fuel can be provided at 250 - PUCSL chairman Featured

Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission Janaka Ratnayake has reiterated that it is possible to provide a litre of fuel for Rs. 250. He said this in response to a question raised by Minister Mahinda Amaraweera during questioning before the COPE Committee yesterday (06).

He has also said that the price formula presented by the minister has been presented without any basis and the price has been revised accordingly. Minister Mahinda asked if the fuel has been imported for less than Rs 250?“Our question is that the cost offurnace oil is Rs. 171 but the CPC provides furnace oil to the CEB at Rs. 419.They charge Rs. 250 per litre.”

Minister Amaraweera then questioned, “The ordinarypeople require petrol and diesel. Are you trying to say that while there is apossibility of supplying it at Rs. 250, they are charging the people over Rs.400?”“If anyone claims thatfues cost is between Rs. 400-450 that is a lie. The fact of the matter is thatif the imported price is Rs. 200, how can they claim its 400? That can’thappen. Even after taxes, each of these fuels cost around Rs. 250, Rs 170, Rs180 and Rs. 220 even until last week. This pricing formula is completely wrong.”
Miister Amaraweera said, “If what you say hashappened then this is a big issue. Those responsible should be brought andstoned. We are the ones who are held responsible for these.”

“This has happened and I have presented the data,”replied Ratnayake in his explanation.