Aug 10, 2022

Biscuits to become an essential commodity? Featured

The Minister of Trade -  Nalin Fernando said that they would pay attention to the price hikes of biscuits.

The minister had engaged in discussions with officials of the Consumer Affairs Authority today (10). 

He had said that steps can be taken to place biscuits under the purview of the Consumer Affairs Authority and to declare it an essential commodity and in turn introduce a control price.

He said many complaints have been filed over the price hikes of biscuits, adding that when inquiries are made over the price increase, companies cite the increase in sugar, flour and other ingredients behind their decision.

The Minister said the process is lengthy according to the Consumer Affairs Act, with inquiries expected to be conducted into the ingredients in order to justify the price revision. 

The Ministry of Trade has also advised the Consumer Affairs Authority to take necessary action over the concerns pertaining to the price of cement, iron, wires, chicken, eggs, and other items.