Aug 18, 2022

Aloysius's company gets liquor licenses re-issued for free Featured

The W. M. Mendis & Co. Ltd owned by Arjun Aloysius, who was named as one the accused in the Central Bank bond scam case, has been re-issued liquor licenses by the Excise Department.

Commissioner General of Excise M.J. Gunasiri said that out of the three licenses issued to the Mendis Company previously, two licenses have been re-issued.

The Commissioner General also said that the department is considering whether it is possible to re-issue the third license in the future.

The Cabinet decided to cancel the liquor license issued to W. M. Mendis & Co. Ltd with effect from June 1, 2021.

The Excise Department revoked the liquor production license issued to W. M. Mendis & Co. Ltd back in 2018 since the company has avoided paying taxes of over Rs. 1.5 billion to the State.

After the matter of revoked license was discussed in Parliament, the license was re-issued by the Excise Department on the condition of the Company repaying tax arrears within two years.

It was the license that was revoked on June 01, 2021.

Meanwhile, social media reports said that MP Arundika Fernando had accompanied the representatives of the Mendis Company when they arrived at the Excise Department the day before yesterday (16) to get these licenses re-issued.

However, W. M. Mendis & Co. Ltd has not yet settled the tax arrears of more than Rs. 1.5 billion owed to the State, and the department has re-issued the licenses on the condition of paying these tax arrears in the future.
On May 24, it was revealed at the COPE that the same property W.M. Mendis and Company belonging to Arjun Alloysius had been pledged to two state banks and Rs. 7 billion had been obtained as loans.

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