Aug 30, 2022

Rice prices dip ; Chinese & Indian rice surplus in the market Featured

Prices of rice have decreased in the market, Marandagahamula Rice Traders Association President B. K. Ranjith said.

He said the demand for local rice has decreased as rice imported from India and China is being sold at a low price in the market.

Mr. Ranjith said that a kilo of local samba rice is sold at Rs.225 and a kilo of nadu is sold at Rs.215.

He said the owners of private rice mills will buy a kilo of paddy at Rs.120 and a kilo of wet paddy at Rs.100.

He said that there is absolutely no reason for the prices of rice to increase in the future, and that there was more than enough rice received as aid from India and China in the country. He also said paddy stocks purchased during the previous Maha Season were still available in the market.

Mr. Ranjith further said that the Minister of Agriculture has assured to provide all the chemical fertilizers required for the upcoming Maha Season, and that there will be no rice shortage in the future.