Sep 01, 2022

Upscale supermarkets flouting egg MRP! Featured

Supermarkets in Sri Lanka sell eggs at prices ranging between 65 - 70 rupees, exceeding the maximum retail price fixed by Trade Minister Nalin Fernando for eggs through a Gazette.
The customers complained that all the supermarkets including Cargills and Keells are selling eggs at higher prices.
According to a gazette issued by the Trade Minister on the 19th, a maximum retail price of Rs.43 was fixed for a white egg while a maximum retail price of Rs.45 was fixed for a brown egg.
However, in the meantime, the Balangoda Acting Magistrate imposed a fine of Rs.500,000 on a businessman for selling eggs at a higher price than the fixed price. The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) officials said the businessman has sold an egg for Rs.65.
When Sri Lanka Mirror further looked into the issue, it was confirmed that the prices of all eggs on sale on the websites of both Cargills and Keells are higher than the fixed price stipulated in the Trade Minister's gazette.
The following are the prices at which Cargills and Keells sell eggs.
The Cargills supermarket chain is owned by the 'Page' family, while the Keells supermarket chain is owned by the John Keells Holdings.
The Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Cargills is Louis Page and its Deputy Chairman, Chief Executive Officer as well as Executive Director is V. Ranjit Page.
Prices of chicken skyrocket while minister proposes to export chicken products
Meanwhile, Trade Minister Fernando has said that he will provide facilities to local manufacturers if they wish to export chicken products.
The minister is being criticized on social media platforms over this statement he made in Parliament yesterday (31).
The people complained that exporting chicken products will further intensify the shortage of chicken in the market at a time when prices have also increased rapidly.