May 25, 2017

6th CAN-SUR-VIVE CSR program next month.

The CAN-SUR-VIVE Trust of Sri Lanka in collaboration with Jetwing Group will conduct ‘CAN-SUR-VIVE’ (Apekshawaka Udawak) CSR program for the sixth occasion on June 4, 2017 at 8.00 a.m at Lanka Hospitals, 10th floor auditorium.

The program is conducted free for women who are mainly under medication for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and gynecological cancer. They can now call the hotline 0713 161616 and register for the program free.

The workshop will comprise lectures by Consultants, including well-known Clinicians, Psychologist, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Sociologists while financial advisors, Clergymen will discuss the main issues and challenges faced by the survivors.

The CSR focuses on reinstating lost zeal of cancer patients/survivors while uplifting the status of emotional, psychological and societal wellbeing of the survivor.

A “survivor” is a past-patient who has finished active treatment. CAN-SUR-VIVE program invites survivors as well as newly diagnosed breast cancer patients who are presently on treatment.

The workshop also aims at educating survivors of breast cancer on medical, physical, financial, spiritual and other related issues pertaining directly to a cancer survivor’s well-being while enhancing the survivors’ and family members’ self-confidence.

Breast cancer the top cancer in women worldwide is increasing particularly in developing countries like Sri Lanka where the majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among Sri Lankan females. However, with early detection and treatment, all cancers can be cured and managed.

In Sri Lanka there is poor attention towards survivors of cancer including counseling. In certain instances survivors have contracted cancer again due to negligence and lack of proper medical advice. Hence this endeavour by the CAN-SUR-VIVE Trust is of vast importance as far as Sri Lankan medical sector is concerned.

CAN-SUR-VIVE (Apekshawaka Udawak) programs held previously saw specialists and resource persons dedicating themselves towards uplifting physical, mental, spiritual and even financial wellbeing of survivors of cancer.

CAN-SUR-VIVE program will also provide ‘New Hope’ to cancer patients via survivors who lead healthy lives at present. There is a false opine in the society, cancer is a deadly ailment. CAN-SUR-VIVE aims at countering such negative opines. Diagnosis at the early stages can rid any patient of cancer threat. CAN-SUR-VIVE Trust with this CSR is poised to communicate to the whole country, cancer can be cured.

Mr. Hiran Cooray, Chairman, Jetwing Group, commenting on CAN-SUR-VIVE (Apekshawaka Udawak) program said Jetwing Group is sponsoring this noble CSR venture for the fourth occasion.

“Many people in our country are scared even to talk on cancer. Yet cancer can be detected early and cured. A vast number of patients and survivors attending the previous Apekshawaka Udawak program was testament to that. I must appreciate the dedication, efficiency and expertise demonstrated by the CAN-SUR-VIVE TRUST to launch this project. I invite as many as female cancer patients and survivors to attend the forthcoming program and gain happiness in life”, he said.

Jetwing Hotels group is the only hospitality brand in Sri Lanka that has three female general managers working for the group. It is the sole sponsor of CAN-SUR-VIVE (Apekshawaka Udawak) CSR program organized by the CAN-SUR-VIVE Trust of Sri Lanka.