Jul 24, 2017

Singer’s “Suraksha” helps rebuild lives post-floods

The devastating floods, one of the worst in Sri Lanka’s recent history left thousands homeless and distraught. During such trying times the true Sri Lankan nature of togetherness and reaching out to one another regardless of caste, creed and religion is testament to the unity and strength of our people.

Singer Sri Lanka (PLC), a trusted household name for decades and one of the most forward thinking organizations in the nation, 15 years ago designed and implemented a product which would give its customers additional benefits in terms of after sales service. These product replacement covers in times of emergency have benefitted thousands and following the recent flooding more than 100 customers benefitted with product replacement covers for all electrical appliances that were damaged, destroyed or lost due to the recent flooding. The “Suraksha” product replacement programme covers all electrical and home appliances that have been purchased under a higher purchase scheme and constitutes a 3 year warranty period.

Singer Sri Lanka also introduced another pioneering warranty and safeguard plan for all products named “Senasuma” and “Senasuma Plus. Available for products purchased from any Singer outlet island wide there schemes are the first of its kind to be introduced in Sri Lanka. The “Senasuma” schemes are also extended to cash purchased products, and cover manufacturer’s warranty as well.

As a responsible corporate entity, Singer Sri Lanka (PLC) believes that as a nation we must come together to assist our people in this time of need. Singer is humbled to be able to do our part in uplifting lives and rebuilding communities through Suraksha.

Rohan Perera who was affected by the recent flooding in the Ratnapura district noted, “I really appreciate what Singer Sri Lanka in Ratnapura has done for our people affected by the floods. The speedy service which was carried out by its staff was well managed. I would also like to ask communities to join hands with Singer to uplift the lives of those who have lost everything.”

G M N S Kularatne, a resident of Batugedara in Ratnapura was also affected by the devastating floods and thanked Singer for their efforts saying, “I would like to thank Singer Sri Lanka in Ratnapura for reaching out to those who were affected by the floods. It is truly a great job in a time of need.”

Not limited to natural disasters such as landslides, hurricanes and lightening that are common occurrences in tropical weather, the Suraksha cover is also extended to appliances that are stolen from homes or businesses. Within the first year of purchase, if the purchaser meets with an untimely death, Singer Sri Lanka also waives off the higher purchase dues.

Whenever a customer purchases appliances they can request to add any of these 3 covers. For more information and to avail the cover, please contact Singer Sri Lanka on 0112 316316.