Aug 11, 2017

Micro unveils SsangYong "G4 Rexton SUV" (Pics)

Micro car unveiled the All New SsangYong "G4 Rexton SUV" the iconic Korean SUV recently.

The new SsangYong G4 Rexton is the 4th Generation Rexton that has evolved from its predecessors which were introduced 17 years ago which includes all the characteristics of a true Sports-Utility-Vehicle. SsangYong’s new Flagship SUV is built to provide pure driving pleasure, joy and excitement and will carry on SsangYong’s heritage as a specialized SUV maker with over 60 years in the automobile industry and expects the new flagship model G4 Rexton to be the global front runner in the large SUV segment focusing mainly on Passive and Active Safety.

Micro SsangYong range of SUVs currently is the no.1 in the Korean SUVs segment in Sri Lankan market, this new model is expected to further strengthen its position with its new Generation 4 revolution.

The strong and dynamic styling of the G4 Rexton got the inspiration from the majestic look of the Greek temple Parthenon. Rouged frontline combines with pronounce and dynamic character line along the sides to provide commanding appearance of an authentic SUV. Interior features an ideal sense of proportion, with the fundamentals that maintain the desired emotional appeal combined with the types and quality of finishing materials that provide luxurious feel. SsangYong's prestige design emphasizes simplicity and directness through impressive details and shapes. A horizontal, wrap-around design has been applied overall to project a well-balanced effect.

The G4 Rexton powertrain uses a 2.2L e-XDi220 LET diesel engine and a Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission. The highly efficient and quiet engine delivers a top-notch start performance and acceleration at a low to medium speed based on a strong low end torque which is typical of SsangYong engines. Precision tuning is carried out inside the wind tunnel at Pinifarina, a world class design and engineering company, to optimize the Rexton aerodynamic performance. Rexton rounded engine compartments rubber seals and block the noise generated in the engine compartment, improving the quietness of the cabin.

The first-rate power transmission performance and durability of the Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission was already proven through various Mercedes-Benz models and in combination with the e-XDi220 engine, it delivers a smooth shift feel and responds quickly to enable a dynamic driving.

G4 Rexton is based on SsangYong’s long experience in the 4WD technology. Drivers may use two-wheel drive mode under regular driving conditions for riding comfort and efficient fuel consumption. 4WD mode can be selected when it is required for particular road surface conditions to improve traction. A combination of a front wheel double wishbone and a rear wheel multi-link independent suspension ensures a high level of driving stability and riding feel.

While most of the SUVs moving on to Monocoque (single shell) chassis, SsangYong continue to be with ladder frame chassis for extra safety and as an authentic SUV manufacturer. The all new Rexton G4 reengineered with the ultra-rigid Quad Frame chassis made of a 1.5GPa-grade advanced high-strength Giga Steel for the first time worldwide, provides top-level safety for passengers.

High-density, high-tensile-strength steel plate makes up 81.7% of the all steel plates used in the Rexton body, providing superb rigidity and protection against deformation in a collision. As such, the safe space within the cabin has been maximized. Crash zone is specially designed to absorb the brunt of the force, thereby protecting the people inside. There are spaces to dissipate collision force and advanced energy-absorbingmaterials have been installed in the front of the vehicle to protect pedestrians’ lower limbs.

The G4 Rexton offers a 3D AVM (Around View Monitoring) delivers a real view of the surrounding for the driver to increase safety and convenience during low-speed driving or parking.The model is equipped with 8inch HD display which gives you an impressive video and audio output. The G4 Rexton provides Apple CarPlay as well as Android mirroring service. Especially, G4 Rexton users may connect their Android device over the Wi-Fi for increased convenience. Unlike other cars’ infotainment system with restricted utilization, the user can enjoy a two-way mirroring for all the applications in the device.

The Smart Tailgate applied in the G4 Rexton is a system that automatically opens the tailgate when the driver with the key is in the rear side of the vehicle for approximately three seconds.

A high-performing dual-zone fully automated air-condition that filters even the ultra-fine dust, the 220V inverter in the rear.

With the expansion of its portfolio, Micro holds an island wide network of 10 showrooms and 48 servicing facilities continuing to be one of the main contributors to the Sri Lankan automobile industry. The all new G4 Rexton will be available at approximately Rs.8.5 million for permit holders (25,00USD)and at a retail price of Rs.13.5 million exclusively available at Micro Cars Limited. It’s relaxing to drive, comfortable and pleasingly efficient; the next generation G4 Rexton is comparatively larger than its own class.