Sep 09, 2017

Sri Lanka Tourism to promote cruise line business

Sri Lanka Tourism explores the possibility of partnering top blue-chip companies to enter the lucrative 40 billion dollar cruise line business that is estimated to carry 22.3 million passengers, with the market growing at 3.2% in volume.

Carnival Corporation is the market leader with a share of 48.1% followed by Royal Caribbean Ltd at 23.1%, Norwegian Cruise Holdings at 10.4%, while MSC is at 5.2%.

Normally the average spend among cruise liner travelers was at $214 which is in line with the average spend of a UK traveller (without air fair) in Sri Lanka that attracted MSC to the Colombo Port.

Some of the key trends among the cruise liner passengers are digital connectivity when the ship is at high seas whilst catering to the individual dietary requirements is more a industry feature than a individual brand highlight.

The Asian cruise line business is worth 1.5 million visitors with Carnival Cruise liners aiming at fifty percent share.

Giving a major boost to the post-war rebounding tourism sector, Sri Lanka now operates luxury cruise line with Colombo as its home port via an investment of over $ 200 million.

Spearheading this pioneering initiative is Royal Asian Cruises (RAC), which y signed the agreement for the initial investment of $ 33 million with the Board of Investment (BOI).

Wth marketing offices in US and India, RAC will make Colombo as the home port for the cruises with weekly calls.