Sep 12, 2017

Swadeshi launches ‘Rani Sandal gel bar’

‘Rani’ Sri Lanka’s hallmark in beauty soaps for over seven decades has broken new ground with the launch of the country’s first gel bar soap for face and body.

Branded ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ this new generation product contains the time-honored skin beautify ingredient Sandalwood, in combination with Honey, offering a unique time tested beauty secret, its manufacture The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC said.

It is gel in a gel bar, now you can experience, a fun and amazing bathing experience with the new Rani Sandal gel bar with Sandal & Honey which will moisturize and keep your skin soft, a spokesperson for company said.

Sandalwood has been the secret of beauty for women of royalty. It was the practice to apply the natural paste from rubbing of sandalwood bark on a stone, to adorn the skin, which helped the princesses and noble women to soften the skin, reduce the uncomely oiliness and beautify the skin, thereby helping to maintain a radiant complexion.

The added ingredient honey has anti-acne, anti-aging, skin repairing benefits. It helps to retain your skin hydrated for several hours. So, your skin will feel smooth and soft.

Targeted at the discerning consumer, ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ is suitable for the trendy fashion conscious women, who pay great attention to achieving soft beautiful skin. ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ is designed specifically to provide the sought after qualities in soap of cleansing, moisturizing and enhancing the beauty, leading to a youthful skin complexion.

The packaging of ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ comes in an attractive new design that reflects the excitement this new product brings to the market, and highlights the soap’s main properties. As the first gel bar soap in the market, ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ is expected to become a trend setter in its own right, the company said.

A spokesperson for Swadeshi disclosed that Swadeshi hopes to enter to an up market segment with this new addition to the Rani range. ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ represent the traditional goodness of the original Rani soap in a completely new gel form that will appeal to a new generation of users, she said.

She added that ‘Rani Sandal Gel Bar’ will reinforce the Rani range with a product that promises not only clean and enhance your beauty but also to retain skin moisture, maintain skin softness and help to retain skin proteins.

In 1941, when the soap was first developed at the Swadeshi manufacturing facility in Kandana, it became the first Sri Lankan beauty soap to emerge in the market. Today, it is with great pride that the company recognizes the confidence held by its customers in making Rani Sandalwood, the most popular and number 01 sandalwood beauty soap brand in the country.

With the commitment to continuous improvement and constant elevation of benchmark standards, Rani Sandalwood soap has remained at the pinnacle of beauty care offerings in Sri Lanka. The brand’s presence goes beyond Sri Lanka’s shores, with it being widely acclaimed in the international market.

The fragrance of sandalwood brings out the nostalgia of purity and it’s a divine, heavenly fragrance make women feel more feminine.

The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC utilizes its state of the art facilities and modern research and development and manufacturing methodologies to innovate and bring new beauty and personal care products to the market that delight the refined tastes of its customers. This emphasis is evident by the company’s investment in R&D. The company boasts of cutting edge technology laboratories and its processes have been certified to ISO 9001 – 2008 standard by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). All our products are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.

Among the pioneer brands of Swadeshi are Khomba Herbal, Khomba Deo, Khomba Baby, Rani Sandalwood, Rani Rose, Apsara, Perlwite, Lak Bar, Lady, Black Eagle (Perfume & After Shave), Swadeshi shower gel range and the one and only kids range “Little Princess”.

Rani soap of The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC remains the market leader in the product segment of sandalwood beauty care products.