Nov 18, 2016

Prima hosts symposium on IT & video security surveillance

Prima Management Services (Pvt) Ltd member of PRIMA Group of Companies partnered with the leaders in the field of security surveillance to present the latest in cutting-edge Security Surveillance Solutions, specifically developed for premier public and private authorities and organisations at a unique symposium held on 17th November, 2016 at Hilton Colombo.

These key partnerships include the market leader in network video and the inventor of the world’s first network camera - AXIS Communications, together with Ayonix Corporation, Japan - developer of one of the world’s fastest 3D face recognition engine and leading open platform IP video Management Software provider - Milestone Systems.

Prima Management Service (Pvt) Ltd., embarked on its mission of providing benchmarked Video Security Surveillance Solutions, employing the expertise of the most qualified professionals in the industry. As the leader in the field, Prima has the highest number of certified engineers for IP surveillance cameras in the industry, and is the only company to have a Channel and Application development partnership with AXIS in Sri Lanka.

In addition, it is the only Company to have expert level certification for Video Management Software; and the only company to have expert level certification for Video Analytical Software Solutions, as well as a regional development centre for the one of the world’s fastest 3D face recognition engine.

This expertise has resulted in Prima Management Services being the provider of world class security solutions to the Sri Lanka Aviation Authority and the Sri Lanka Police.

Globally, the attention on increased security of key international authorities, namely airports, military bases, commercial enterprises, banks and essential public areas continues to grow, with technology being employed to increase safety and security.

And in line with the current global focus on increased security and the need for ever-changing technological solutions, Prima Management Services, together with their partners, have designed a state-of-the-art mobile surveillance vehicle, which will be donated to the Sri Lanka Police at the event.

The symposium will be well attended by key regional stakeholders within the security and surveillance apparatus and the Tri-forces in Sri Lanka.

One of the aims of hosting such a strategically significant event in Sri Lanka is to educate all stakeholders on new developments in the security surveillance industry and provide a hands-on experience.

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