Nov 02, 2017

Get the best returns from NDB Wealth

Sometimes the smallest decisions can be the most rewarding ones. Such is the case with the NDB Wealth Family Share Builder account, an ideal alternative to fixed deposits with just a little more risk.

The Family Share Builder, from expert financial planner NDB Wealth, helps savers move away from regular fixed deposits, which currently offer very low interest rates. This is achieved by offering them the option of taking a few calculated risks with their capital while investing funds in Money Markets, Government and Corporate Bonds and the Share Market.

All this may seem complicated. But the expert financial planners at NDB Wealth take care of all the details, including the boring and tedious paper work; so you don’t have to be involved in the hassles of investing, just enjoy its benefits. Ideally, you should plan to lock in your funds for a minimum of three years to truly experience the full growth potential of your wealth.

The reason that the NDB Wealth Family Share Builder is the ideal investment account is not only that it gives your family the best returns. It is also due to the fact that it enables you to contribute small amounts monthly, allowing you to build a pool of money for any future plans that you may have. This helps when you either invest for retirement, or want to fund for your kid’s education. It even comes in handy when it comes time to take a family vacation to a resort or destination you never thought you could afford.

At the same time, one of the best features of the NDB Wealth Family Share Builder is that its income is credited to your account daily, while also giving you the freedom to withdraw funds in case of any emergency, without a penalty. Currently, the income is also tax free to your hands.

“Our Family Share Builder accounts are gaining in popularity because they offer all the benefits of the share, bond and money markets, with the risks managed by experts at NDB Wealth. Try the NDB Wealth Family Share Builder, it will truly super charge your income”, commented Dilan Jayakody, Head of Retail Sales at NDB Wealth.

Mr. Jayakody further added, “Having the best interests of my family in mind, I always invest where I can get the best returns, so the many, many advantages of the NDB Wealth Family Share Builder account are very appealing, especially when compared to fixed deposits.”  

To get started, visit the NDB Wealth website to access plans for families, women, children and even retirement income. You can also try out the website’s “Auto Wealth Planner” function, to custom design a plan that meets your individualized financial needs. Or, call/visit NDB Wealth to speak to a Relationship Manager, to benefit from a greater level of personalized service. More information is available via