Nov 05, 2017

Negombo court interpreter in league with land grabbers Featured

Interpreter at Negombo high court Shashika Ganganath Suduhetti has abused his position and pressurized Negombo police into justifying a land grabbing, ‘Sathhanda’ reports.

He has done so when police inquired into the owner of block 65 at Continental Residencies at Periyamulla not being allowed to enter the 10-perch block.

The aggrieved party is to lodge a complaint against Suduhetti with the Justice Ministry.

Questionable deal

Further inquiries revealed serious questions with regard to 22 blocks at Continental Residencies, including block 65.

Finance and Guarantee Property Developers sold block 65 to its present owner in March 2009 for Rs.12 million.

However, the owner could not plan anything for the block, due to the financial instability and ensuing trouble of F&D company, the parent group of Finance and Guarantee Property Developers and Ceylinco Group.

The owner continued to pay regular visits to the land.

Another owner comes forward

In August 2017 another owner, Agampodige Warnakumara of AB Construction, came forward to claim it, saying he had bought it and 21 other blocks for Rs.118.4 million.

That was through a deal struck with the mediation of Ransith Karunaratne, CEO of UB Finance that was handed managing operational activities of F&G Group by a court ruling.

Warnakumara has bought the blocks in lieu of the nearly Rs. 42 million of arrears due to him for contract work of Continental Residencies which he had done when it was under Finance and Guarantee.

However, it is questionable as to how a transaction worth Rs. 118.4 m had taken place for a Rs. 42 m payment arrears.

Warnakumara had prepared declaratory deeds for the blocks in 2011 which he then got inserted into the folios of Negombo Kachcheri.

For the rest of the blocks, he had obtained a bank loan.

This deal with UB Finance had taken place on or near 13 February 2017.

In that deal, the price of a 10 perch block had been set at Rs. 5.4 million.

UB Finance admits

Top officials of UB Finance too, had admitted this to be a questionable transaction, but are unable to inquire into it due to pressure by CEO Karunaratne.

They have been handed the responsibility of F&G Group to restore its claimants with their dues, not to allow them to be further victimized by land grabbers.

Attempts by the newspaper to reach UB Finance through 0114468888 failed.

It says it will make further revelations in this regard.

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