Nov 15, 2017

St. George’s Uni. to attract SL students

For almost 40 years, St. George’s University [ SGU ] has been training more than 17,000 doctors who have practiced in over 50 countries and in all 50 US states.

“Since 1999, we have trained nearly 1,000 veterinarians in our now AVMA-accredited Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program who have practiced in 29 countries. Over 700 public health professionals from our CEPH-accredited Master of Public Health program have practiced all over the world. SGU is the 4th largest provider of Doctors for the entire US workforce*. SGU has also ranked as the #1 provider of doctors into first-year US residencies for the last seven years. Over 900 US residencies in 2017 and still counting*”, said South Asia – Regional Manager, St Georges University Salil Gupta.

Considering the high literacy rates prevalent in Sri Lanka, SGU has seen fit to open its doors to students studying at Sri Lankan A Levels, Cambridge A Levels or IB. “Students of Sri Lankan citizenship can apply for the 5 year Medicine or Veterinary Medicine Program at SGU with no requirement of SAT, ACT or MCAT. Students accepted for the 5year program start their education directly in Pre-Med or Pre Vet Year 3 (skipping Year 1 and Year 2). SGU has over 70+ affiliated hospitals in the US,UK, Canada and Grenada, where students can do their Clinical Sciences. These trusted connections allow our students to gain a breadth of knowledge with different patient populations in a variety of environments and gain valuable international experience”, said Gupta. He went on to say that a student who makes full use of all of the clinical opportunities at SGU will
have graduate exposure, having experienced medicine as it is practiced and taught in Grenada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
“After successful completion of the 5-year program, students receive a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree from St. George’s University, Grenada. The SGU MD program is accredited in all the 50 states in the US, General Medical Council of England, CAAM-HP, WHO etc. At SGU, 93% of eligible US 2017 graduates who applied for a postgraduate position have obtained one within one year**”, said Gupta.

St George’s University offers medical and veterinary degrees in the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and independent and dual graduate degrees in the sciences, public health, and business. Undergraduate degree programs are also available through its School of Arts and Sciences. The University programs are accredited and approved by many governing authorities. St. George’s is affiliated to educational institutions worldwide, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

“Our team of over 300 Basic Sciences faculty members is located on the True Blue campus in Grenada and is dedicated to your success. 1,400 clinical faculties at more than 70 affiliated hospitals and clinical centers in the US, Canada, Grenada and the UK give you a powerful global network”.