Nov 23, 2017

DFCC's Matara City Branch inaugurated

Expanding its reach across the country, DFCC Bank recently opened its second fully-fledged branch in Matara. The new branch will be known as DFCC Bank’s ‘Matara City Branch’.

The branch was ceremonially inaugurated by Lakshman Silva, CEO - DFCC Bank, together with senior management of DFCC Bank, the branch staff and a large gathering of loyal customers and local well-wishers.

“Our decision to open a second branch in Matara reflects our confidence that the southern economy is growing rapidly and innovatively,” said Lakshman Silva – CEO, DFCC Bank. “As a fully-fledged commercial bank with vast experience in development banking, we are committed to investing in economic growth and encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship. This heartland of the South is experiencing rapid changes, and we are here to provide the innovative financial services that these changes demand.”

Speaking at the inauguration, Lakshman Silva recalled his time as the Manager of the Matara Branch nearly three decades ago, and noted how the business enterprises in Matara have grown and flourished in the ensuing period.

“Kotuwegoda has become the hub for many exporters and importers in the Southern region due to its location and proximity to services,” Silva said. “And through DFCC Bank’s new Matara City Branch, these entrepreneurs will now be able to access enhanced financial services, including international trade access and global finance management services and expertise.”

The fully fledged branch in Kotuwegoda provides both commercial and personal banking services to local residents. Personal banking customers can select from a range of savings and deposit options based on their personal financial priorities, as well as operate current accounts, access personal loans and leasing facilities, foreign currency remittances and funds management through NRFC/RFC accounts, credit cards and pawning services. Corporate customers can access multiple fund management options through DFCC Bank’s diverse financial services, and also access loans and leasing facilities to grow their business.

Matara and its environs has a thriving economy that is built on a spirit of hard work, perseverance and adapting to new opportunities. Agriculture, fisheries, tourism and export crops are just some of the key economic drivers in this district and innovative thinking and access to new markets can elevate the small industries into key national and international enterprises. DFCC Bank has recognised this immense potential of the Southern economy and is committed to partnering with local businesses to reach their full growth potential.