Jan 12, 2018

Feel unique with a little Lux

Unilever's iconic brand Lux, which has been a household name for generations and has a 75 year old presence in Sri Lanka, with a range of beauty soap and the latest 8 hour long lasting fragrance of Magical Spell body wash, has now introduced a premium, perfumed soap, “The Lux Perfumed Bar Collection” to local users.

What is more, the whole range of Lux, is set come alive, at yet another spectacular House of Lux!

A combination of Egyptian Rose, French Magnolia and Japanese Gardenia, three of the most fragrant and universally loved florals, the perfumed Bar collection is guaranteed to make any woman feel not just special but unique!

‘Why just wear perfume when you can bathe in it’ is the perfumed bar collection’s promise to consumers as it guarantees to enfold the user in a bath of perfume! The collection promises an indulgent, luxurious and fragrant shower experience that brings out the alluringly feminine side of a woman, epitomising her femininity and individuality.

The Lux Perfumed Bar Collection comes in three fragrant variants, namely Hypnotic Rose, Charming Magnolia and Elegant Gardenia, all of them guaranteed to please the most discerning of women.

Lux celebrates the everyday woman’s extraordinary power through perfume. She’s more today than she was yesterday – and that’s exactly what the Lux legacy of perfume captures and embodies.

“Fine fragrance helps you explore that dimension of your beauty - by intermingling with your body’s natural scent to create a perfumed fingerprint unique to you. It’s the power of you, conveyed powerfully with just a little Lux”, said Brand Manager Lux - Inura Jayasuriya. “Lux is not just a fragrance experience it’s an immersive fragrance experience that brings perfume alive”!

House of Lux will also celebrate ‘Magical Spell’ the unique body wash that features the precious and exotic Black Orchid as the sensual, addictive centrepiece of this statement fragrance. Infused with an opulent combination of dark floral notes, this is a truly unique and daring scent captured for the first time in a body wash and has proved to be a winner with consumers of all ages.

Not to be forgotten, Lux’s two enduring fragrances, Soft Touch and Silk Sensation that have long been favourites of Lux consumers and have stood the test of time by continuing to be hot, albeit fragrance favourites, will also be re introduced to consumers at House of Lux in a fitting tribute to these enduring fragrance bars .

Whether it’s the fragrance of French Roses, Black Orchids, elegant white Gardenia or the delicate Magnolia, Lux has it all ! “ Our alluring beauty treats delight women in more than 100 countries worldwide every day”, said Brand Manager Lux, Inura Jayasuriya . “Perfect for a new generation of Millennial Women, our new creations that have very recently been launched to the local market are guaranteed to unlock the unseen and bring out much more than meets the eye – Truly, more than you can see”.

Lux has been around for 75 years in Sri Lanka alone, and has championed generations of women in nearly every country around the world. The dreamers, the rebels, the adventurers, the pioneers – they all share something in common – they use Lux.