Jan 27, 2018

Japan could refuse Ceylon tea too? Featured

Due to the banning of Glyphosate in Sri Lanka, despite it being used worldwide in tea cultivation and introducing MCPA instead, there is a possibility that Japan might ban Sri Lankan tea in the future, as Japan considers MCPA to be of low standard, said the Acting Registrar of Pesticides, Dr. J.A. Sumith.

He said that Glyphosate had been banned according to the wishes of the government.

Dr. Sumith further noted that it was the opinion of the Pesticide Technical and Advisory Committee that there was no scientific basis for the banning of Glyphosate.

Meanwhile, According to the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tea Board Rohan Pethiyagoda, he too was unclear as to why Glyphosate was banned in Sri Lanka and MCPA which is not recommended by Japan and Europe was approved to be used instead.