Jan 29, 2018

Beyond Biotec 2018 launched

Beyond Biotec 2018, a landmark and milestone achievement for Sri Lanka was launched at the Sri Lanka Foundation in the presence of President Maithripala Sirisena, Vice Chairman Apollo Group Enterprise Ms Preetha Reddy and others in the Medical field.

Apollo Hospitals Group, India’s largest integrated healthcare provider collaborated with Sri Lanka’s Credence Genomics in this milestone venture.

The Apollo Hospitals Group, India’s largest integrated healthcare provider will collaborate with Sri Lanka’s Credence Genomics in a milestone venture whereby a portfolio of cutting edge diagnostic services for infectious diseases will be offered to patients in India starting with Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The new line of tests is being offered in partnership with Credence Genomics, and is based on a specialized DNA diagnostics platform offering faster and more precise diagnosis.

Credence Genomics is a Sri Lankan establishment pioneering in the development of leading-edge innovations on specialized DNA diagnostics based on the next generation sequencing platform with intensive research infrastructure and capabilities.

Another highlight of this collaboration is Beyond Biotec 2018, which will be the first industry event highlighting successful commercial innovations in the private sector biotechnology space, along with opportunities in the research arena.

Beyond Biotec 2018 is sponsored by Credence Genomics – Sri Lanka’s pioneering clinical genomics company and its Indian subsidiary Micro Genomics (India), along with Thermo Fischer Scientific the world’s largest biotechnology company.

Beyond Biotec 2018 will cater to new breakthrough innovations in the biotechnology space and the healthcare vertical. The products revealed at the event will be unique and the first of its kind along with potential application benefits.

Founding CEO and Director Credence Genomics Dr. Vaz Gnanam said, “Beyond Biotec 2018 which takes place on January 25 will be a landmark event bringing together the areas of healthcare, biotechnology and research. Another aspect is our collaboration with the Apollo Group to deliver the highest standards in healthcare in total alignment to their global credibility and brand promise. We are very excited to be exploring pioneering endeavors in which both companies could come together, to benefit society beyond the boundaries of countries and territories in the realm of medical scienceand its progress. This is also a major step for Sri Lanka and the local medical profession as well as the country’s economy”

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