Ashirwadi Manamudali with her first book “Blossoms” Ashirwadi Manamudali with her first book “Blossoms”
Jan 30, 2018

Swadeshi “Little Princess” encourages kids with literary aspirations

Swadeshi Little Princess recently empowered the maiden book launch of “Blossoms” written by Ashirwadi Manamudali.

Ashirwadi is a 15 year old (Grade 10) student from Loyola College, Daluwakotuwa, Negambo. She has won several zonal level awards during the school English day competitions in storytelling, poetry and compering. She has been guided to paint her thoughts with several literary techniques by her school teachers. “Blossoms” is a book with colourful fantasies which blossomed as poems and stories in her mind.

A Spokesperson for Swadeshi said that “Creativity and the power of imagination which is included in this book is really amazing. Writing a book is a gateway to many adventures this is just what reading Ashirwadi’s book “Blossoms” teaches children, and they can be inspired by her wonderful book. Today’s high-tech world brings us many challenges where our children are living in a fast paced digital environment. Lack of reading and writing skills is resulting in poor communication skills, lack of creativity and imagination. We are so happy to see children like Ashirwadi challenging this environment by making an effort to improve and expand her literary skills. Expanding one’s literary skill improves a child’s imagination, creativity and communication skills and it brings out a very confident personality in a child.”

A spokesperson for Swadeshi stated that “Swadeshi Little Princess’ supports and encourages children to expand their literary skills. So we hope many children will take this as an example to improve their literary skills and talents. We will have many more programmes to get more kids involved in improving their talents.

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