Feb 05, 2018

Win prizes with ‘Swadeshi Khomba Swarnabisheka Wasana’

Pioneer herbal personal care products manufacturer Swadeshi has invited users of Sri Lanka’s No. 01 herbal beauty soap Khomba to participate in a new promotion ‘Swadeshi Khomba Swarnabisheka Wasana’ and on a daily basis win beautiful 22K Gold Pendants and monthly environmental friendly Electric Scooters.

The company will present 22K Gold Pendants daily and environmental friendly Electric Scooters at the end of each month.

Consumers who send in two wrappers of Swadeshi Khomba Herbal Soap/Khomba Deo Fresh Soap or an empty pack of ‘Swadeshi Khomba 4 in 1 Herbal Soap Economy pack‘ with their names and addresses to ‘Swadeshi Khomba Swarnabisheka Wasana’, P.O. Box 4, Kandana will be eligible to participate in draws to be conducted weekly. Last date of the entries will be 28th February 2018.

The winners will be announced in newspapers and on television and radio on a weekly basis.

A company spokesperson said that “Khomba Original Herbal Soap launched in 1943 was the first herbal soap manufactured in Sri Lanka. The Khomba brand has the unique distinction of an unbroken leadership position in the herbal segment for more than seven decades, an achievement none of the local personal care brands can claim.” “Khomba contains natural Kohomba oil which has been used for generations as an ayurvedic herbal therapy” she added.