Mar 11, 2018

IT professionals to lose jobs due to social media ban Featured

IT professionals who are providing their services to foreign countries are in danger of losing their jobs as a result of the ban imposed on faceobook, viber, whatsapp and other social media platforms patronized by 5.9 million Sri Lankans.

The worst affected are the fiverr, upwork and freelancer service providers who use the social media to remain in contact with their customers.

Those who know the technology use alternative services, but that is not very successful.

Tourism too, has been affected, as many tourists share their experiences with their relatives and friends through the use of social media.

In an article, IT professional Pulasthi Wanniarachchi questions as to what the foreigners would have thought after finding Sri Lanka’s having banned social media in headline news.

The government has spoiled everything by that act ostensibly to curb racism, he said.

Also affected are those involved in electronic and digital marketing.

Wanniarachchi also says authorities had suddenly woken up and imposed a ban, although facebook has been used to provoke racism for some time now.

He urges the government to lift the ban and allow the IT professionals to contribute towards the building of the nation.