Apr 07, 2018

Corn-fed chicken : A golden source of vitamin A - Expert

Chicken and poultry products continue to grow and build on its popularity as a staple component of the local diet.
It offers healthy nutrition to consumers at a price which is substantially cheaper than other popular alternatives, such as fish and other meat varieties, while still being able to fulfil the dietary protein requirements of the nation. Hence the consumer’s tendency to look for products with high quality and freshness is inevitable. Among the many ways of measuring the quality of a food item, the ‘colour factor’ is of paramount importance.
Similarly, ‘Yellow Chicken’ is a product that is being highly misunderstood in the local market as a result of the distinct yellowish hue around the product whereas it is considered to be a prominent feature of quality and freshness around the globe.

cornfedchickenAccording to Food Safety Expert and Senior Lecturer at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Dr. Krishanthi Premaratne, ‘yellow or golden’ colour in the chicken meat is mainly due to the presence of the natural colourant named Carotenoids. Corn is a primary natural source of provitamin A carotenoids that have been used in chicken feed over the past few decades by many well reputed poultry farms mainly in America, United Kingdom, Australia and India.

Birds as a whole are unable to produce Carotenoids in their body. Thus, it enters a body through the food intake of a chicken. Yellow corn and maize as chicken feed produce ample amounts of provitamin A Carotenoids and precursor of Vitamin A and they are stored in high concentrations in the skin, liver, fat and most noticeably in Egg’s Yolk. This natural glow is not just for the looks but comes fully packed with a nutritious punch.

A vital part of raising chicken is feeding. A corn and soybean-based diet consists of high volumes of  rich carbohydrates as well as calories, protein, vitamin and mineral  supplements which positively benefit to regulate a normal growth, increase bone health, optimal kidney functioning ,maintenance of good heart rate and acts as a source of anti-oxidants of chicken.

The corn-fed Golden Yellow chicken is an all-in–one product that is ideal for the daily nutritious diet of a consumer. It’s inclusive of nutrition, taste, quality and the convenience factors.

Irish poultry experts as well as the American, British, Australian and Indian poultry professionals have proven that the golden hue produced in corn-fed chicken simply is a measurement of exposing the quality standard and have stated that using corn as chicken feed does boost the taste of the chicken and gives an exceptionally succulent roasted flavour once cooked.  The effect of the corn feed does not only showcase in raw chicken but reflects in the egg yolk as well. It is a well known fact that ‘yellower the egg yolk, more nutritious it is’.

“Golden Chicken has been one of the best kept secrets in the culinary world for the longest time. For the trained palate, chicken raised on a corn-fed diet is easily distinguishable. It just melts in your mouth and the satisfaction of serving your clients with the best quality chicken while making their dining experience healthier, safer and nutritious is inexplicable,” Dr. Krishanthi explained further.
CRYSBRO Chiken 1
Crysbro is a home- grown company and a forerunner in the Poultry related products, which synonymous with taste and quality, takes pride in being one of the pioneers in promoting corn-fed chicken and is opposed to usage of antibiotic growth promoters that the government is currently taking steps to phase out under the National Strategic Plan for Combating Antimicrobial Resistance in Sri Lanka. Crysbro Holdings has introduced a product to the Sri Lankan poultry industry, the “Golden Yellow Chicken” which is healthier and contains the right amount of nutritional proteins.

Established in 1972 with just 100 chicks and a vision to become a market leader in terms of quality, freshness and innovation, Crysbro has grown at a steady pace and in the decades since, has emerged as Sri Lanka’s first and most sophisticated, fully vertically integrated poultry producer with operations spanning grand-parent, parent- farms, hatcheries, broilers and feed mills. This thriving ‘Farm-to-Fork’ concept has been at the core of the company’s success, and which in turn has provided unprecedented support for numerous stakeholders including direct and indirect employees, out growers, domestic maize farmers and ultimately the Sri Lankan consumer.

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