Apr 23, 2018

SriLankan to face pilot shortage Featured

The SriLankan Airlines will experience a shortage of pilots soon as many are leaving, say sources at the national carrier.

In the past few days alone, eight first officers left the airline, owing to its unstable situation and also the increase in the PAYE tax they have to pay.

Previously they paid 16 per cent of their salary as tax, for an average Rs. 175,000 per month, which has now risen to 24 pc.

A pilot does not earn overtime and the maximum flying hour entitlement is 100 hours per month.

A shortage of pilots will mean the end of the airline, a pilot said on condition of anonymity.

First officers have a big demand in foreign airlines, and they can earn around 7,000 US dollars per month.

In addition, they are entitled to get educational expenses of children until they reach 22 years of age, a house, a car and discount air tickets.

An investigation by Sri Lanka Mirror revealed that most pilots who joined SriLankan following the closure of Mihin Lanka have now been recruited by Qatar Airways and Viet Jets.

Meanwhile, SriLankan has returned an Airbus A320-200 (4R-ABP) it had acquired on 13 April 2012, to the leasing company.

It had flown to Malta via Abu Dhabi on April 18.