Apr 26, 2018

‘SIVILIMA’ to set up ‘i-Homes’ showrooms abroad

With the lasting objective of interlinking ‘Sivilima’ showroom chain with the international market, the IDEA Group has intended to establish a network of showrooms branded as ‘i-Homes’ in foreign countries.

 As the very first step of this successful journey, ‘i-Home’ showroom network is to be set up in Maldives sooner.

Senior Managers of Idea Group of Companies recently entered into a business contract in Colombo with a leading building materials marketing company in Maldives to set up ‘i-Homes’ showroom in Maldives. According to this business agreement, all products of Idea Group including i-Roof and i-Panel will be traded in Maldives.

In the next few months, ‘i-Homes’ showrooms are planned to be open in many countries including Ghana, Malavi, Madagascar and Egypt.

i-Roof manufacturing under the theme of “Roof with the highest benefits” is the only ASA polymer roofing tile produced in Sri Lanka with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard certification.

i-Roof is a green product which does not contain Lead (Pb) or asbestos in its composition and is considered as the best solution for Sri Lankan roofing requirements. In estimates made by building constructers on fixing the roof, i-Roof contributes to the lowest cost per square foot that include; fixing the frame, using heat resisters and fixture of thatching sheets. When estimates are made on roofing tiles, Aluminum sheets (regular shape) and Aluminum sheets (tile shape) for roofing requirements, the cost is much higher. i-Roof products that offers exceptional benefits to the consumer can be obtained at a cost of Rs 107/- per a square foot.

Commenting on the sale of all products of Idea Group including i-Roof and i-Panel in Maldives, the CEO/Managing Director of Idea Group Limited Mr. Sampath Mayakaduwa proudly said that the Idea Group has entered to a new phase with this venture.

He further stated “We used latest technology in the world and best raw material to produce i-Roof product and it has won the hearts of ‘early adopters’ in the country who always think fresh as regards roofing solutions. After securing the largest market share in the country we aimed at entering the export market. With this object, we participated in trade exhibitions in the world including ‘Big 5’, a leading trade exhibition in Dubai. At those exhibitions, leading construction companies in the world showed their attraction towards i-Roof and i-Panel products”.

He added, “The supremacy of our product resulted in exporting the first i-Roof consignment to India. Maldives has now become our second foreign purchaser. Soon we will export our products to more countries. Our object is to conquer the export market with our products and bring foreign exchange to Sri Lanka”.

i-Roof product perfectly blends with diverse climatic conditions in Sri Lanka and offers 25% more benefits to the valued customers as against normal roofing tiles and other thatching sheets in the marketplace.

In 2012, Idea group diversified its business periphery to unveil ‘SIVILIMA’ network of showrooms. Within a short period of five years, ‘SIVILIMA’ became a top-of-the-mind brand and a household name.

Being a socially responsible business, ‘SIVILIMA’ provides domestic and commercial markets in the country with an array of green-oriented products. Technical plans of ‘SIVILIMA’ product range owning 42 Patent licenses are significant.

By commissioning over 400 ‘SIVILIMA’ showrooms in the country Idea Group has endorsed its supremacy in the sphere. ‘SIVILIMA’ cater to people of diverse social status and Idea Group being a socially responsible entity contributes significantly to keep inferior products at bay and conserve trees in the country via ‘SIVILIMA’.

Idea Group which owns a strong network of ‘SIYANA’ and ‘SIVILIMA’ showrooms throughout the country also engages in hotel field, construction and information technology sectors in Sri Lanka.

Idea Maldives Signing the MoU