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May 04, 2018

Cargills saves pumpkin farmers left to ruin

Retail chain Cargills has come forward to purchase pumpkins in the Konkadawala and Gaminipura areas in Nawagaththegama, after news reports emerged that farmers are unable to sell their crop.

The company had made the purchase yesterday (03) on the request of Samurdhi Director General - Sunil Jayaratne.

The farmers, who had to fight with the droughts, had grown their crops after drawing water from wells. Regardless the crop has been bountiful, with each farmer securing a crop of 15,000kg - 20,000kg. The entire crop of the area had come to around 300,000 kg, reports say.

However, the farmers had fallen into ruin after market prices fell drastically they were unable to sell a kilo for even Rs. 07-08 rupees.

Following the request of the Samurdhi DG, and the subsequent directive of Deputy Chairman, Cargills Ranjith Page, a team had held a discussion with farmers at the Nawagaththegama Divisional Secretariat.

Following discussions, Cargills had purchased the crop from these farmers for Rs. 20 per kilogramme.