Jun 23, 2018

Uswatte opens state-of-the-art biscuit factory in Millaniya

Uswatte Confectionery Works, Sri Lanka’s oldest confectionery manufacturer with a history of 63 years, opened their latest factory in their premises at Millaniya.

The state-of-the-art factory will focus exclusively on the manufacturing of biscuits and signifies the entry of Uswatte into Sri Lanka’s biscuit market. The factory will be declared open by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe including other distinguished Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

The opening of a factory to manufacture Uswatte biscuits brings to life a longstanding dream of the company's Founder Chairman - the late Mr. P.J.C Perera (Christy) - to manufacture and supply premium quality biscuits to the Sri Lankan consumer. Years of meticulous planning and preparation under the dynamic leadership of present Chairman/Managing Director S. Quintus Perera has enabled the company to venture into the highly-competitive biscuit market today.

In order to provide high-quality biscuits, the company has imported the best machinery available for the manufacture of biscuits and utilises both local and foreign expertise. The factory consists of the latest laminator available for the production of biscuits. Additionally, a state-of-the-art baking oven which controls the zone temperature as well as the top and bottom level temperature, burner-by-burner of the zone fully automatically allows the producing of an evenly baked biscuit every time. One of the latest technological features of this oven is the two hybrid zones which help to produce optimum quality biscuits. All Uswatte biscuits are hygienically manufactured to international standards using premium quality raw materials and flavours produced by the world’s best flavouring companies from countries such as the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Chairman, S. Quintus Perera - Chairman/Managing Director of Uswatte Confectionery Works stated, “From the very beginning, our priority was to give high-quality and hygienic products at a reasonable price to the consumer. Our innovative products have become iconic family treats loved by all age groups for generations. This new factory will help us to enter the biscuit market and we are confident our premium quality biscuits will soon become a hit with our consumers. We will continue to innovate and will introduce novel, exciting products for our trusted consumers to enjoy.”

Commenting further, he added that ever since the company moved their Corporate Office complex and factory to Millaniya back in 2015, the company has helped improve the lives of the people in the area. “We have provided employment to hundreds of individuals from the surrounding neighbourhoods. We have also built strong bonds with the local communities through our regular social service work such as contributing to school development projects as well as Avurudu festivals, Wesak festivals and many more. As a responsible organisation, we also help educate schoolchildren by arranging regular factory visits so that they get an understanding of how their favourite sweets are made. This is something unique that other confectionery manufacturers do not offer.”

Uswatte Confectionery Works (Pvt) Ltd is the pioneer in Sri Lanka for the production of high quality, hygienic confectionery delicacies and snacks. With a history spanning over 63 years, Uswatte Confectionery Works is the oldest confectionery manufacturer in Sri Lanka. The company's product range includes TipiTip, Wafers, Glucorasa, Peppermint, Glucolife, Jolly Jelly (Jelly Crystals), March-Mallows and Fruit Candles. Uswatte Confectionery Works was founded by two brothers Christie Perera and Anton Perera in 1956 with the first factory being setup in 1961 in Ratmalana. The company's iconic Glucorasa, a sweet brand popular amongst all Sri Lankan consumers across all age groups, was their first product. Since 2009, Uswatte has been under the visionary leadership and strategic direction of the current Managing Director Quintus Perera.

Uswatte has a well-established sales and distribution network covering all parts of the island. The entire product range is available in over 80,000 sales outlets including both general trade and modern trade. The company also exports to Canada, Australia, UK, India, Italy, France, Seychelles and the Maldives.