Jun 28, 2018

New GM for Development Lotteries Board

Mr. Anura Jayarathna, the Deputy General Manager (Marketing), has been appointed with effect from 20th June 2018 to the post of General Manager of DLB, which is governed under Ministry of Finance and Media.

Mr. S.A.P.Suriyapperuma, Chairman of DLB, presented the letter of appointment to the post in the morning on 22nd June 2018.

Mr. Jayaratna, who has served continuously in DLB for a period of 24 years, has served as the Deputy General Manager for 15 years.

Mr. Jayaratne is a B.Sc. (Special) Degree holder in Business Administration from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, joined the DLB in 1994 as a Training Field Officer.

He has proved a huge commitment as the Deputy General Manager for the enhancement of DLB, has served at several occasions as the Acting General Manager and he has gained wide experience and knowledge in all the functions of DLB.

Mr. Jayaratna has a host of local in international trade experience up his sleeve. He is also the first officer in the DLB history to receive an internal promotion to the post of General Manager.

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