Jul 19, 2018

Huawei to introduce nova3 Series - first AI 4-Camera smartphone

Following the successful entry of the Huawei Nova series of smartphones into Sri Lanka, Huawei will be announcing the introduction of the first AI Four Camera phone in Sri Lanka.

Tagged as the Nova 3 Series,the smartphone incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide the best smartphone experience to users.

The Nova 3 Series’ is fitted with an advanced AI Quad Camera system that offers superior photography capabilities. The first model, the Nova 3 comes equipped with a Front 24MP+2MP and rear 24MP + 16MP camera while The nova 3i comes with a front 24MP+2MP and rear 16MP+2MP camera.

AI technology available on the Nova 3 Series’ unique dual front camera system give users the best selfies using features such as AI Selfie Scenery Recognition which distinguishes people from backgrounds and enhances different elements of the photograph. For the background, the device applies a different optimization algorithm to more than 200 different scenarios of eight categories. The AI Beauty Algorithm uses 3D facial recognition to enhance skin colour & texture for a studio-style selfie. The Nova 3 Series also supports AI HDR Pro which controls exposure at hardware level to ensure precision-balanced photographs even against a backlit environment. Qmoji is another unique feature available on the selfie camera. The Qmoji mimics users’ facial expressions and replicatesthem in animated, funny videos which could be shared on social media in just one click.

The Nova 3 series dual rear camera is designed to enhance photographs by recognising 22 different scenes to deliver phenomenal shots with AI powered tools.

The Nova 3 series also provides the best gaming experience through the GPU turbo which ensures faster action. GPU Turbo is a revolutionary soft and hard collaborative graphics acceleration technology that opens up the processing bottleneck between the EMUI operating system and GPUs and CPUs, enabling graphic processing efficiency to increase by up to 60% and allowing the speed of mobile phones to be greatly enhanced. It has the added benefit of reducing power consumption while playing games by up to 30%.

Peter Liu Country Head Huawei Sri Lanka said, “Through the introduction of AI technology, Huawei consumers will be able to experience THE best innovation in Sri Lanka. The main attribute with AI technology is its ability to operate like humans do; AI thinks, learns and even takes decisions like a human. Huawei with its R&D teams have infused this feature into our smartphones and camera technology. This innovation enables advanced image recognition capabilities with the Nova 3 series introduction. It is no doubt that Huawei produces the best technology and quality. The device would surprise our local customers with many firsts in a smartphone helping each and everyone to realize their aspirations”.

Other special AI features include; Elevator mode which recovers lost signal instantly, Huawei GEO 1.5where its GPS accuracy is higher than that of a standard phone and AI Noise removal, where the technology removes unwanted background sound to allow for clear conversations.AI gallery is another feature which recognises images and categorise them, allowing users to quickly access photos saved on their phone gallery.

Nova 3 and nova 3i are equipped with Kirin 970 & Kirin 710 powerful AI chip set respectively. Because of the massive volume of computations required for AI, a dedicated, powerful AI chipset will greatly improve the performance of AI-related calculations. The Kirin 970 edged out the competitor with a NPU dedicated to image processing, providing greater efficiency over the other. Both nova3 and nova3i are built with a 128GB larger memory.

All this and more can be anticipated from the upcoming nova series of smartphones from Huawei and customers are guaranteed of a revolutionary mobile phone experience.