Companies refuse to lower egg carton prices



Egg producing companies have yesterday (20) rejected a request made by the government to reduce the price of packaged eggs sold in supermarkets.

The government officials made the request during a discussion held at the Ministry of Trade.

However, the companies have indicated that they cannot reduce the price due to various types of taxes.

A packet of packaged eggs is sold at Rs.650 in supermarkets.

Meanwhile, the All Ceylon Egg Producers Association has also requested the Trade Ministry to remove the controlled price imposed on eggs. The Association has proposed to revise the price if the controlled price cannot be removed. It pointed out that eggs cannot be provided at the controlled price due to the increase in the cost of production.

However, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has already conducted about 100 raids over selling eggs exceeding the controlled price.

The main companies that produce such packaged eggs are Switz Lanka (Happy Hen), Nel Farms, Arogya Farm (Omega) as well as Cargills, Keells and Arpico.

Meanwhile, the sale of biscuits went down after biscuit manufacturers increased the price of their products arbitrarily. Following the decrease in sales, the manufacturers themselves decided to reduce the price of their products.

Economic experts are of the opinion that in order to overcome the severe economic difficulties that Sri Lanka is currently facing, including the USD shortage, the people should purchase goods from small-scale manufacturers and traders instead of buying from major manufacturing companies, including multinational companies.

The economists point out that multinational and large companies are more willing to source raw materials from abroad.

Similarly, the amount of money that these companies send to their origin countries in the form of USDs can be reduced if consumers can make more purchases from local traders.

It was us at ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ who first revealed that packaged eggs are being sold at exorbitant prices despite the controlled price imposed on eggs and that supermarkets are also supporting this move.

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