“Don’t buy cakes baked with eggs from India”



All Island Canteen Owners’ Association (AICOA) today advised people not to buy cakes during the new year season which are baked using eggs imported from India.

Addressing the media AICOA Chief Asela Sampath told the media that the liquid eggs received at the Colombo port had not been released as yet.

The eggs at the Colombo Port have been there for nearly seven days. These liquid eggs can rot pretty fast, and it is the responsibility of the minister to get them released from the port immediately.

It was also requested that the bakery owners not to bake cakes using these eggs for the upcoming new year.

“If bakery owners used those imported eggs, we will boycott buying the cakes during the new year” Sampath said.

The customs and the port had violated the import and export regulations by storing the eggs at the port and ensure they are not rotten. Therefore, the Public Health Inspectors (PHI) have been requested to visit the port to check the status of the eggs.


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