Is Bandula behind attempts to remove Kimbulawala street food vendors?



The Urban Development Authority (UDA) has informed street food vendors near the walking path towards Parliament in Kimbulawala, to vacate the area.

Meanwhile, vendors suspect that this sudden order has been issued after Minister Bandula Gunawardana’s vehicle was rumoured to be caught in the traffic in the area last Friday.

However, one of the vendors told ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ that they operate in an area of over 7,000 sq. metres and they even have an association.

He added that none of them had been professionally involved in the food and beverage industry in the past.

Noting that they had launched these stalls after becoming helpless without any means of income, he pointed out that they are now thriving and they are even capable of paying a monthly tax of Rs. Rs.300,000 to the government if necessary.

Meanwhile, ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ also learns that several well-known business organizations are eyeing this location.


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