JAT Holdings invests SL-earned USDs in its Bangladeshi Facility



JAT Holdings launched a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Bangladesh recently.

This was launched fulfilling its IPO objective and keeping its pledge to investors, JAT Holdings PLC said.

The end-to-end manufacturing, warehousing and laboratory facility has been strategically located offering efficient and easy access to JAT’s two key markets in Bangladesh, Dhaka and Chittagong.

This facility would bring JAT Holdings closer to its goal of emerging as an internationally acclaimed leader in wood coatings, the company said.

However, economic experts are of the opinion that the Central Bank should pay more attention to these developments.

They pointed out that these investments were done with the USDs earned in the country, and that these developments have contributed to the country’s acute dollar shortage.

They also said that there is no inflow of USDs to the country, especially compared to the goods exported.

They said that it is not a new practice for these businessmen to hide a part of the money earned from exports in neighboring or foreign countries in this manner.


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