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Nike to stop using kangaroo skins for its shoes in 2023



Nike is making a move that will please consumers and animal rights activists alike.

The maker of athletic apparel has announced it will stop using kangaroo skins for its shoes this year, ending a controversial practice.

The move comes weeks after a similar decision from German rival Puma.

Nike said it will be using a proprietary synthetic material that replaces the use of kangaroo leather.

In a statement issued on Monday, Nike will be using the material when it debuts a new line of Tiempo football boots, called the Tiempo Legend Elite.

The line is set to launch this summer.

The company ended its partnership with its only kangaroo leather supplier in 2021.

The decision from Nike and Puma to end the use of kangaroo skin in their football boots comes as a big win for animal welfare activists, who have urged companies to drop unethical practices involving animal cruelty.

“Nike’s announcement is a seismic event in wildlife protection, and tremors will be felt all over the world, especially in Australia where the mass commercial slaughter of kangaroos occurs,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Center for a Humane Economy.

The group is behind the campaign “Kangaroos Are Not Shoes,” which it announced in 2020, and has been key instrumental to introducing legislation banning the import and sale of kangaroo products.

A growing generation of younger, environmentally conscious shoppers have also pressed for more sustainability from clothing companies.

California has not allowed products made from kangaroos to be sold or imported into the state since 1971.



Indigo launches Mumbai-Colombo direct flights




Indigo has expanded its connectivity to Sri Lanka adding Mumbai-Colombo direct flights from today (12), Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Pvt) Limited said.

Accordingly, Indigo will operate flights three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

At present, Indigo operates to three destinations in India from Colombo (Chennai twice daily, Bengaluru once daily and Hyderabad six days per week). With this new route expansion, this will increase to four destinations, and it will contribute immensely to the development of travel, trade and tourism between Sri Lanka and India. 

With the new addition, Indigo will operate 30 weekly flights to Colombo from four main cities in India.

“AASL recently had successful negotiations with Indigo to commence flight operations between Jaffna and Chennai, India. Accordingly, Indigo will commence direct flight operations between Jaffna and Chennai from June 1, 2024 onwards with daily flight operations. This connectivity will boost travel and trade in the Northern Province, strengthening the cultural and religious bonds between the two nations”, Eng. Athula Galketiya, Chairman of Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Pvt) Limited (AASL) said.

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Questions raised on investing in the Ceylon Dollar Bond




Personal Foreign Currency Accounts (PFCs) and Business Foreign Currency Accounts  (BFCAs) cannot be invested in the Ceylon Dollar Bond Fund, says a spokesman of the Foreign Exchange Department at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

He said that banks are well aware of this.

The spokesman was responding to ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ on queries raised on social media promotions being done by Ceylon Asset Management Co. Ltd, with regard to such investments.

Ceylon Asset Management Co. Ltd. is also a company that is registered with the CSE.

The spokesman further notes that the CBSL has only permitted them to invest in ISBs.

However, promotions done by the company have indicated that dollar investments can also be done through PFCs, and that the investors can expect around a 24% dollar returns.


Experts state that expecting such high profits in ISB investments, is questionable.

Upon contacting the DG of Ceylon Asset Management Co. Ltd, – Dulindra Fernando, he briefly stated that the CBSL has permitted their company to do such foreign fund transfers while some banks have refused to do so.

However, he urged to submit a formal request via email for further details.

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SLT divestiture allowed




The Court of Appeal yesterday vacated the Interim Order issued on the divestiture of the Sri Lankan Government-owned shares in Sri Lanka Telecom PLC.

The Interim Order was earlier issued by Court on April 4 when two Writ applications challenged the proposed divestiture of the Sri Lankan Government-owned 50.23 percent shares in Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and 51.34 percent shares in Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC.

The petitions were filed by Lyca Mobile SARL, Lyca Leasing Holding Ltd, Pettigo Comercio International LDA and HAIMS International Ltd.

When the petitions were considered before Court of Appeal Judge Mohammed Laffar, Additional Solicitor General Sumathi Dharmawardena appearing for the Deputy Director General and the members of the State Owned Enterprise Restructuring Unit Established under the Finance Ministry, Secretary to the Treasury and the Attorney General raised preliminary objections highlighting several technical errors in the power of attorney and the affidavit submitted is not valid.

Accordingly, the court vacated the said Interim Order on the divestiture of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and informed the petitioner of this particular petition to submit fresh power of attorney by April 29 and request for an interim order if necessary. However, the Interim Order issued on the divestiture of the shares of Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC was extended by the court until April 29.


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