No pilots for 80 SriLankan flights! – Dayasiri



Kurunegala District MP – Dayasiri Jayasekara said in Parliament today (23) that there are pilots for 80 flights of the national carrier – SriLankan airlines.

He also added that 13 flights of SriLankan Airlines have been canceled between June 18 – 22.

The passengers of the canceled flights have been accommodated in nearby hotels. No one knows how much it cost…Millions of rupees may have to be spent on this, he charged.

MP Jayasekara said the subject Minister was trying to suppress the real issue in SriLankan Airlines and was trying to create a situation to sell off the airline.

“The pilots are demanding a payment due for them during the Covid period. Nearly 50 percent of the pilots worked during the Covid period even though flights were grounded,” he added.

The MP also charged that the public is also inconvenienced as vehicles of passengers are not allowed to enter the airport premises.

“They have to lug their luggage along the road and to the passenger lounge,” he said.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader – Sajith Premadasa also spoke on the dearth of pilots.

“In the past 06 months, 70 pilots of SriLankan airlines have left. Now, there are less than 260. 18 more will go to Emirates this year. The country’s requirement is 330 pilots whereas there are only 260. Then, the remaining pilots who are there will be compelled to violate international regulations while working… They are compelled to cut down on their resting hours which could pose a risk to the passengers. I urge the  government to resolve the dearth of pilots,” he said.


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