Notices issued on DSI Engineering Directors Randika & Chandula



The Colombo High Court on Thursday (18) ordered Randika Rajapaksa and Chandula Rajapaksa, two directors of Samson Engineers (Pvt) Ltd belonging to DSI Samson Group, and Company Secretary Varuni De Silva to not interfere with the duties of DSI Managing Director Sajith Rajapaksa.

Sajith, filing the case, pointed out that the two directors and the secretary of the company conspired and exerted pressure on him hampering his duties.

Sajith also said that they had deliberately disrupted his work to make it difficult to run the company by deliberately neglecting the company’s operations, by holding frequent meetings and by obstructing his administrative affairs.

DSI Samson Group, which is one of the largest private companies in the country, has about 30 subsidiaries. The conflicts within the Board of Directors had begun following a proposal made by a former managing director to evenly distribute the shares of the company among the family members.

The former managing director has submitted the proposal to the Board of Directors in the first week of April this year.

It was reported that some of the most profitable subsidiaries of this company are being operated by the sons of this managing director.

Sajith is one of the sons of the said managing director and Samson Rubber Products (Pvt) Ltd, which brings in the highest foreign exchange, is managed by Sajith.


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