Prices of several goods including mobile phones to be reduced



Prices of several goods including mobile phones, refrigerators, fans and fruits are expected to come down after the Central Bank of Sri Lanka announced that it has decided to scrap the provision requiring individuals to deposit 100 per cent cash margin while opening letter of credit (LC) to import 843 products.

Last year, the Monetary Board of the Central Bank imposed a 100% cash margin deposit requirement against the importation of selected goods of non-essential/non-urgent nature made under Letters of Credit to preserve the stability of the exchange rate and foreign currency market liquidity.

In an order issued under the Monetary Law, the Central Bank imposed a 100% cash deposit margin on several other imports on Feb 16, 2023 as well.

However, both orders have been scrapped with the improvement in foreign currency reserves.

Accordingly, the prices of telecommunication devices such as mobile telephones and fixed telephones, home appliances such as fans, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, digital cameras, heaters, lamps and ovens, clothing and accessories such as babies’ garments, jerseys, shirts and blouses, suits, track suits and swimwear, footwear, watches and sunglasses, household and furniture items and fruits including fresh apples, grapes, oranges and dried fruits are expected to reduce in the coming weeks.


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