Supreme Media and TNL forge historic alliance



 Supreme Media, one of Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing channels, has announced a strategic partnership with TNL, first privately owned television broadcaster and pioneering force in the nation’s electronic media landscape.

This landmark alliance aims to significantly expand the reach and offerings of Sinhala language television and electronic media across the country, marking a momentous chapter in Sri Lanka’s media industry.

Under the inspiring slogan “Mage Handa Mage Rata – My Voice My Country,” Supreme Media has embarked on a new brand journey, committed to delivering unique and premium content to a diverse audience. 

With the strategic collaboration with TNL, Supreme Media’s reach is set to more than double, enabling it to connect with a broader spectrum of viewers and fulfill its brand promise effectively.

The partnership extends into the radio domain, with TNL’s radio channels at 89.1 and 89.3 MHz undergoing a rebranding as ‘Supreme,’ echoing the inspiring brand message of “Mage Handa Mage Rata.

” This expansion solidifies Supreme Media’s position as a comprehensive media network, encompassing two TV channels, one radio channel, and three digital channels.

This alliance comes at a pivotal moment for Supreme Media, coinciding with the launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches on its platform. 

The availability of IPL matches on Supreme’s platforms provides cricket enthusiasts across Sri Lanka with diverse viewing options, bringing the excitement of IPL closer to every home in the country.

With a long-term partnership in place, Sri Lankan media audiences can anticipate a broadened spectrum of unique and premium Sinhala language programming and news coverage.

Beyond entertainment and infotainment, Supreme Media aims to serve as a trusted media companion, touching the lives of viewers in multiple ways, guiding, mentoring, and comforting them through life’s journeys.


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